Hey, bartender — get Australian Bartender magazine home delivered, free

The Australian bar industry is a world-beater. We’ve long believed that Australian hospitality is amongst the best in the world — it is famous for its warmth, generosity, and focus on good times.

The coronavirus outbreak, however, has brought hard times for Australian bars, bartenders, barbacks and hosts.

So, from the May issue onwards — and for as long as this shutdown lasts —  and waiving the print subscription fee for Australian bar professionals, and will deliver them to your homes. That’s right, you can get the mag at home for free.

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It’s a little thank you from us to you, for all the great drinks, late nights, and hazy memories we’ve made together — and it wouldn’t be possible without the kind support of William Grant & Sons.

They’re a family business, like we are, like many of the bars out there are. And we think that their family motto, Stand Fast, is a motto for these times. It means that whatever happens, we stand strong and together as a family.

“The bartenders of Australia are our extended family and what better way to begin standing together than sharing Australian Bartender magazine in our homes,” says ambassador Ross Blainey.

“We will be printing some extra copies each edition so that any passionate bartenders out there can still get a copy,” says publisher David Spanton. “Consider it a small thank you from us for your amazing work and support of our little mag.”

This offer is for anyone who lives in Australia works in a bar.

Just click here to go to the dedicated sign-up page. Pop your details in the form below and we’ll send you each issue of Australian Bartender from the May issue onwards, until this virus has been kicked to the curb.