How you can get match fit for Sydney Bar Week 2020, with BBO

Photo: Christopher Pearce
Story by Raj Nagra

Good news: we’re back!

It’s hard to believe that what we’re already in our fourth year at the Bartender Boxing Organization. We love the great sport of boxing. It provides us with what we think is one of the most effective vehicles to support better mental and physical health for people in our industry.

We’re thrilled to be coming back to Australia in 2020 after such an epic first showing at Sydney Bar Week last year. As per our mission we’re looking to engage as many people as we possibly can and are committed to growing into Australia.

Raj Nagra. Photo: Christopher Pearce

Mental health is a real issue. As a non-profit, we were able to make a generous donation to the Black Dog Institute in 2019 thanks to your generosity at our event and are looking forward to partnering with them again this year in support of their incredible work!

It has also been amazing to gain the support of our 2019 Sydney Bartender Boxing alumni as we return, many of whom have continued to be students of the sport. You don’t become a great fighter in 12-weeks, but you do learn the basics and peak physical condition. Our hope always is that our athletes continue down this positive path long after completing the program.

We are grateful to have Australian Bartender as our official media partner again, and to be invited back to Sydney Bar Week for another monster, sell out event. We are expecting to fill the Home Club venue this year with 1600 people.

“I was looking for a way to find a new level of fitness after a few years of lackluster attempts at staying in shape. The BBO regime has been rigorous but incredibly rewarding – I honestly think I’m in the best shape of my life!” – Sam Egerton. Photo: Christopher Pearce

We had some epic bouts in Sydney last year. Sam Egerton v Steve McDermott was one of my favorites across all BBO events in 2019. A massive thank-you to all those who came out to celebrate the accomplishment in personal health of those competing, in what is a highly demanding mental and physical challenge.

“I’ve continued training under coach Luke Jackson (current WBA Oceania, WBO Oriental and Australian Featherweight title holder), still train up to 5 times a week and have consciously made a move into doing more daytime work to live a more consistent lifestyle. Not to mention I’m still on the lookout for my next fight.” — Federica Thorn. Photo: Christopher Pearce

Bartender Boxing is about providing an unexpected journey through the sport of boxing, people finding something which they never conceived they could get in to or be good at, something that requires an enormous amount of commitment which directly contributes to changes in habits long term and that directly translates into being a better partner, employee or leader. Ultimately, we’re not just teaching people to master boxing, but rather teaching people to master themselves. 

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