Batched & Bottled Cocktails: creating remarkable together

Trusted by the world’s best Bartenders and working in partnership with Drink Professionals for over 100 years, MONIN continues to drive the best innovation and quality that Consumers are seeking from flavour in their drinks. With a broad range of more than 150 flavours available from cocktail essentials right through to the most innovative flavours.

A family owned French business established in 1912, MONIN is made with the very best natural ingredients and pure cane sugar. Consumers are seeking flavour over sweetness, better-for-you beverages and a reduction in waste, meaning MONIN has a flavour all year round for every taste, across these areas:

• Fruit
• Nut
• Berry
• Flower
• Plant
• Herb
• Spice or
• Speciality base.

MONIN gourmet flavours add exceptional quality, taste, texture and consistency to pre-batched and bottled cocktails.

Supporting zero waste and long-term sustainability responsibilities, MONIN also takes great care in prioritising across the supply-chain with ingredients, production and packaging.

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Best enjoyed to flavour cocktails, pre-batched and bottled, plus no-lo drinks menus, MONIN is flash pasteurised, shelf stable and halal certified with no GMOs, Gluten, Dairy, Fat, Proteins or Cholesterol. Many products also contain no artificial colours or flavours.

Botanicals add delicate flavour combinations and Consumers are continuously wanting to experience new and interesting flavour layering combinations which pair perfectly with their favourite spirit.

Trending Pre-Batch Cocktail Product Flavour Areas

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