A fancy Thai tea take? Get Cantina OK!’s recipe here

The Banana Thai Tea at Cantina OK! in Sydney. Photo: Christopher Pearce

Every week since they’ve opened, Cantina OK! has come out with a weekly special cocktail — something that often pushes the boundaries creatively, and never fails to deliver on flavour.

Like this Banana Thai Tea.

“[It’s a] classic Thai style dessert that you find at lot of Thai restaurants,” says Cantina OK!’s Ho Song. “We wanted to re create ours with a more floral and tannic flavour. We blended a floral black tea with a classic Thai red tea and sweetened it with agave.”

Banana Thai Tea


  • 30 ml anejo tequila
  • 90 ml red Thai tea
  • 10 ml agave syrup
  • 30 ml whipped banana mezcal & condensed milk

Adapted from a recipe at Cantina OK!, Sydney.