We’re going live with a 1990s bar trivia quiz on Facebook at 1pm AEST Thursday

What was the name of the Sydney celebrity owned bar famous for their flair bartenders? If you know the answer, this online livestream might just be for you.

The 1990s. Most of today’s bartenders were just a twinkle in their mama’s eye back then. It was a world in which you weren’t drinking a cocktail if its name didn’t end in -tini. The cocktails were colourful (and blended), stick drinks were born, and nightclubs and style bars ruled the roost.

And on Thursday 30 April at 1pm on the Australian Bartender Facebook page Australian Bartender magazine founder Dave Spanton and some special guests will relive some of their career highlights and test their memories at our 1990s trivia.

So mix up a Cosmo in an oversized Martini glass and join us for a laugh — it all kicks off at 1pm AEST on the Australian Bartender magazine Facebook page.