Diageo Bar Academy: Connecting the community in tough times

Diageo Bar Academy is the world’s top training, networking and inspiration hub for bar professionals. To support everyone during this time, the Diageo Bar Academy is upping the game and accelerating training and activity, digitally.


In response to the essential need to connect to our hospitality community at home, Diageo is proud to announce the move to a more virtual platform.  The Diageo Bar Academy is open and available to support everyone in need in our industry – owners, managers, waiters and bartenders a-like; through fun, engaging sessions brought to life through all-new online resources and community engagement. The platform will connect our industry with inspiring influencers far and wide, working with global industry leaders to continue to bring an incredible suite of training modules, as well as co-ordinate new training topics centred around wellbeing and physical health, giving people the opportunity to find purpose in the new ‘everyday’. The new ‘Wellbeing’ and ‘Batching 101’ sessions will be co-ordinated online via Zoom, an interactive video conferencing platform, which is easy to use and share with workmates, enabling all to give live feedback and questions. With creative revenue generation ideas, Diageo is looking into the future to get you and your staff prepared to hit the ground running when the industry is again open for business. Each session runs for no more than 60 minutes and can be at a time that suits you and your staff, or be a part of designated slots being streamed on a regular basis, hosted by the best Diageo Bar Academy Trainers across Australia, all at no cost to your or your venue.  The global bar community is a family, and  to support this great industry through  difficult times Diageo Bar Academy is committed to listening and to helping our community and customers, by providing practical resources, encouragement, learning, motivation and entertainment.


Digital is essential to connecting the hospitality community right now. Online has always been a core part of Diageo Bar Academy’s offering, but it’s more important now than ever. We’re serving up solutions and hosting virtual training sessions, engaging through live content on social media with new community focused activity each week. As well as our podcast Bar Chat hosted by Tristan Stephenson and our educational webinars, users can take part in virtual pub quizzes and access templates to host their own or take part in our #BarSkillsChallenge which sees top bar influencers getting involved by creating serves from just a few ingredients. On our global Instagram channel, watch live Bar Stories sessions featuring industry experts discussing what bar professionals can do now, while sharing great tips and advice. On Facebook, our Bar Clips series covers bitesize learning. with our trainers hosting from home! For advice on supporting your business, watch our latest webinar with Sean Finter on Managing a Business and Staff during Challenging Times.


Although we can’t offer all the solutions, we’re speaking to the right people to bring our community the most up-to-date information. Our global website has been updated with additional content to help. On our Useful Resources section, users can find information specific to their region across health, employment and government to help users find what’s important to them right now. Wellbeing and caring for yourself has never been more important than it is right now. We’ve created a new section on the website full of wellbeing resources; from podcasts and articles, to webinars and more, we’ve got tips and advice from industry experts, nutritionists and health gurus. Stay informed, inspired and connected, as well as sign up for our newsletter to find out the time for the next FREE live sessions at:


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