Name that face! William Grant & Sons turn the #standfast cover into a competition

It’s been great seeing the fun everyone is having naming all the bartenders on the cover so far. So much fun that we thought we should make a competition out of it! The Bartender Magazine Stand Fast cover has been about bringing people together. Stand Fast is our family motto at William Grant & Sons – we stand together and support as a family. Being family means supporting each other in the difficult times but also sharing in the fun and laughs where we can.  So have fun, have a laugh doing this. We know there are some very accurate illustrations in here and some, well, not quite so accurate…You can do this competition yourself or with a group of you for a better chance maybe!

We want you to match the face to a name of every person on this cover. The winner who gets every one of them right will win every bottle of William Grant & Sons spirit on the cover with us. Best shared with friends of course. We know some of them will be easy, some of them a bit more challenging but it’s all part of the fun!

And here’s the kicker. When someone gets them all right we will have a framed print of the cover made for every person that features on the front of the magazine. If someone wins, everyone wins!

Instructions to enter

  • Click through this link:
  • Download the attachment with names, the cover and an editable list to fill in
  • Fill in on your computer or print, fill out and take a photo to send back
  • Email your finished list to
  • Winner announced Friday 12th June
  • Have fun!