SouthTrade giving Canadian Whisky a red-hot V.O.

SouthTrade launches Seagram’s VO to the Australian market this Canada Day

Today is Canada Day – July 1st, 2020 – and to mark the occasion SouthTrade International has launched Seagram’s VO Canadian Whisky – part of Seagram’s Finest Spirits since 1857. The VO brand was purchased by Sazerac in late 2018 from Diageo and is now being launched for the first time in Australia with refreshed packaging and more relevant repositioned brand communications.

Ray Noble, Managing Director of SouthTrade International (and once Canadian Club Marketing Director) adds, “I have a huge love for Canadian Whisky having been privileged to work on the CC brand for many years as we took it from a bottle gathering dust on the shelf to the hottest “beer alternative” spirit in AUS. I am excited to build on this great work by providing consumers and retailers with more options to explore in Canadian Whisky. It cannot be a category of one here forever!! VO delivers perfectly on the “easy drinking” taste profile and is one of the big 3 Canadian Whiskies in North America. Under Sazerac it is enjoying double digit growth and we can’t wait to bring this authentic highly credible brand down under”.

Marketing Director, Fraser Lockwood, adds “Whilst Canadian Whisky is well known in Australia it’s still heavily underrepresented in comparison to overseas markets. In the US, Canadian Whisky is over 30% share of the total whisky category which is 5x what it is here. Australian consumers love the lighter, smoother whisky style that mixes so well with Dry, so we believe there is still plenty of room for this category to grow further. We’re confident VO will add real value to the category and provide consumers with a great tasting and credible alternative”.

Jon Prew, Marketing Manager of Whisky and Shooters, will be launching the comms campaign for VO, “This is one of SouthTrade’s most significant launches to date so we’ll be backing the badger in all key touchpoints with over $1M committed across the off premise, on premise and socials to build scale visibility and awareness of the VO brand.

We believe we’ve cracked a unique brand position that creates a super simple ritual and call to action – Give it a V.O!”

The brand will be available Nationally from the end of July.
Contact or your local SouthTrade BDE for further information.