Bacardi-Martini Australia continues to support the hospitality industry by heading Back to the Bar.

Back to the Bar – The Swinging Cat

Bacardi is a family-owned business, and for us, business is personal. 

Bacardi-Martini Australia continues to support the hospitality industry by heading ‘Back to the Bar’. Over the last four days Bacardi employees across Australia have gathered friends and family and headed out on the town to visit bars and reconnect with our hospitality family (see full gallery below).

The activity, called ‘Back to the Bar’, brings everyone at Bacardi together to call upon local bars and show support to bartenders and bar owners as they open up the doors and welcome their guests post the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Traditionally held in February each year, the Bacardi ‘Back to the Bar’ activity sees teams across the world celebrate the day the company was first founded, over 158 years ago, by getting out of the office to do barstool research and speak to cocktail-lovers about the latest trends. Now, thousands of cocktails will be purchased and enjoyed by the Bacardi team and their loved-ones across the world – during July and August, as the company’s #RaiseYourSpirits initiative continues to evolve to support the on-trade through every step of the coronavirus crisis.

“The Back to the Bar tradition is a time when everyone across the company, regardless of day job, becomes an ambassador by going back to where our business is made – the local bars and restaurants. Now it is our turn to show them our love,” says Mauricio Vergara, Managing Director of family-owned Bacardi-Martini Australia.

Bacardi launched its #RaiseYourSpirits initiative in March with a $4m global investment to support bars and restaurant owners and bartenders through the coronavirus crisis. 1.1 million litres of hand sanitiser have been produced by Bacardi-owned manufacturing sites across the United States, Mexico, France, England, Italy and Scotland. Global production was diverted to increase hand sanitiser supply for local communities as worldwide demand continues to exceed provisions in efforts to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

Bacardi Australia has offered bartender financial advice sessions to clarify government support initiatives along with ‘Back to Work’ sessions highlighting CV preparation, advice for accurate costing of drinks menus and tax return guidance. Continued rallying and lobbying for more hospitality support from the government and providing venue vouchers for Bacardi staff and trade customers along with investment to support cocktails-to go
offerings have provided financial assistance as the bar industry adapts to the new normal.
The entire business is proud to support ‘Back to the Bar’ and look forward to showing ongoing assistance for the hospitality industry.

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