The Blend TV goes online with local industry faces

The Blend is an innovative and inspiring bartender engagement program, brought to you by Beam Suntory. Supporting and celebrating the bartending journey, no matter what stage of your career – whether it’s your first day behind the bar or you’re an industry veteran.

Let’s face it, the current situation has thrown up a bunch of challenges. We’ve faced some confronting situations and hardship we didn’t anticipate but on the flip side there have been new opportunities and some significant positive life changes. Some of us have hopefully even had some down time.

While putting a lot of our activities on pause for the moment, The Blend have been busy developing new strategies for new exciting platforms.

We’ve been working alongside industry mentors from across the globe launching an online education platform called The Blends of the Virtual World.

First up is Luke Whearty’s, Owner of BYRDI, Melbourne online virtual seminars available for your viewing. Teaching Bartender techniques from BYRDI, you can replicate in your own home. Topics such as Fermentation, Texture, Fats and Oils, and many more!  Joe Schofield, Worlds Best Bartender is up next!

But locally, on home turf, we’ve been busy chatting face to face (social distancing of course!) with industry legends launching The Blend TV.

We’ve spoken with Stefano Catino, owner of Maybe Sammy and Kurtis Bosley, Owner of Coretto, Dee Why, sharing personal and emotional stories of Covid-19 and how they are coping. We’ve a few more to release, so stay tuned.

If you want to share your story or feature on The Blend TV please don’t be shy.

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