Win $1000 in the Australian Bartender Magazine 60 Second Cocktail Challenge!

The team here at Australian Bartender mag was nutting out our next bit of online shenanigans. Factoring in a new but very serious medical condition dubbed ‘Zoom-fatigue’ as well as a lack of face-to-face events, we thought it might be nice to see some smiling faces in a quick and (hopefully) funny 60 Second Cocktail Challenge.

Remember, entertainment is key. We can’t taste the drink, so we’re looking for you to bring a smile to our faces and get LOTS OF FB VIEWS!

We also thought a cash incentive might be nice. So we’re going to chuck in $1000 for the winning 60 second video.

How will it work? These are the rules…

  • Submit a 60 second video of you making a cocktail and having a chat. Anything longer won’t be considered. So 60 seconds is your limit.  Can be filmed either at home or in the bar.
  • The drink can be a signature drink from your bar or an #iso creation.
  • It can be presented by you, you and a friend or your whole bar team! Up to you! You just have to split the prize!
  • Deadline for submissions is Monday, 3rd August, 2020 by 9am AEST.
  • All submissions must be shared to Please use wetransfer or dropbox or your preferred sharing platform. If you try and email large files they will not arrive!!
  • You must verbally mention in the intoduction for your video is for the: “Australian Bartender Magazine 60 second Cocktail Challenge”
  • No nudity. Please wear clothes. Well, pants at least. We’re looking at you Charlie Lehmann.
  • No music. Online copywrite stuff prevents this.
  • All applicants must be living, working  or recently unemployed in Australia.
  • The Bartender magazine team will select the best videos to be shown on the Australian Bartender magazine FaceBook page, and promoted through We will be posting videos daily
  • The video with the highest number views on Australian Bartender magazine FaceBook page after 7 days (from when the video was posted) wins $1,000 cash
  • No brand ambassadors or employees of drinks suppliers may enter the competition
    • Bacardi Martini Australia
    • William Grant & Sons
    • Proximo Spirits
    • SouthTrade International
    • Brown Forman
    • Beam Suntory/ CCA
    • Campari Australia
    • Stuart Alexander
    • Proof & Company
    • Moet Hennessy

So get your thinking caps on and make us an awesome, funny cocktail and then get out your phone and film it. Then share it to before the deadline of 3rd August by 9am AEST.