The winners of the Real Melbourne Iso Awards

A couple of weeks back, we reported on an intiative called the Real Melbourne Iso Awards from a bunch of Melbourne bar peeps to buoy the spirits of the Melbourne bar community during lockdown. It also helped raise much needed funds for COVID-19 EAD, which is busy pumping out free meals and care packs for unemployed Melbourne hospo folks.

Hats off to the committee members for a great event: Trish Brew – Fever Tree, Henery Hammersla – Applewood /Okar, Serekha Krishnan – Gin Palace, Jimmy Snelgrove – MR Black, Sasha Nourse – BDL, Derek Senseney – BDL, Hamish Goonetilleke – Rum Diary Spiced, Daniel Monk – Rum Diary Spiced & Zac Matassoni.

For more info from the night as well as video and photos, head to the official FB page: Real Melbourne Iso Awards

So on Saturday night, the awards were presented (with the help of Netflix star Carol Baskin) and here are the results:

        • Best 20 Seater: Bar Ampere
        • Best Bar Closure: Loch & Key
        • Best Rep That Didn’t Force You To Buy Stock: Trish Brew, FeverTree
        • Best Brand Sponsored Content: Never Never Have I Ever Bartender Challenge
        • Best Brand Freebie: Jameson Gift Sets and Merch
        • Best ‘Come See Ya Gurl’: Kiem Nguyen
        • Best Dry July Attempt: Taylor Matthews
        • Best Home Bar Manager: Cara Devine
        • Best Iso Bod: Alejandro Archibald
        • Best Iso Hair: Ashleigh Tennant
        • The Who Left Melbourne Superstar: Jez Spencer
        • Best Person To Drag You To Loch & Key: Hayley Dixon
        • Best ‘We Have Sections’: Loch & Key
        • Best Live Stream: Beneath Driver Lane
        • Iron Bartender: Chelsea Lamperd