BBO’s Raj Nagra on incorporating fitness into your daily routine & getting Daniel Hilton on board

Story by Raj Nagra. Photography by Christopher Pearce.

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine has been proven to positively impact mood while decreasing levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

During these unprecedented times, incorporating moderate exercise into your daily routine has never been of more profound importance.

If we all know this, then why is it such a challenge to execute for many of us? In the same way that we wake up, brush our teeth and make a cup of coffee each morning, exercise too should play a natural role. The question is how?


There are two assets we need to establish. The first is desire. This means that we need to visualize where we’re trying to get to in terms of our health goals. The second is a clear, achievable plan. If a 5-mile run seems daunting then start with a light jog around the block. It’s the difference between not doing it at all. Aiming to do 100 push-ups a day means you might never even start. Instead just schedule 20 push-ups every time you enter the kitchen or pass the couch. They will add up very quickly. Ultimately, one good decision leads to the next, so the idea is to simply start doing.

In our industry, late nights and unusual circadian rhythm – impacts on energy levels and mood when it comes to exercise. Planning for intense workouts at 100% over a lengthy period of time each day creates barriers. Like most things, simply doing helps lead to progress. Where health doesn’t simply improve overnight, the idea is to create habits that allow you to make one good decision at a time.

Tips to success:
• The mental hurdle is the toughest, so let’s get over that with small steps each day
• Plan ahead. Mentally prepare, pack your gym bag or running gear the night before.
• Consistency is key – try scheduling time for a week. Then build on it.
• Treat your training period like a meeting and schedule that sucker in.
• It doesn’t need to be a long session. Short and intense is often best. Hell, bust out 30-burpees and you’ll know what we’re talking about.
• Ultimately this is your time to focus on improving you! Don’t waste it.
• As you start to train/more, your body is going to crave fuel. Try and prepare your meals ahead of time for the week or those weekend late nights.
• Train with a friend. Find someone who is up for the challenge so you can support one another’s success. Plus, it’s more fun.
• Get that membership if you’ve been thinking about it.
• Set goals each week and monitor them. Reward yourself.

Our industry will face numerous challenges in returning to normal life, and the pursuant tone of the post apocalypse customer will be less than optimistic let’s say. Therefore, we will require mental and physical fortitude.

Daniel Hilton, who competed in 2019, will be back as BBO ambassador in 2021

Last year, Mark Tarrant and I were inspired by the personal story of growth, change and strength of Daniel Hilton through our platform last year. He battled personal adversity and came through the other side like a champion. He has been vocal about his journey and we commend him for sharing that story with us all, while inspiring so many who battle with similar struggles. It made good sense for us to approach Daniel to take on the role as our Australian ambassador. We’re pleased to announce that he’s accepted the position and will very much be our guy on the ground in Sydney.

“I’m so proud and excited to be a part of the program this year. It’s no secret that mental health has been one of my biggest battles in life and this program finally gave me the upper hand. I’ve come out of it with a deeper understanding of myself and what I’m capable of, that I have the strength to overcome all that life can throw at me.

“To be a part of the program is a huge honor, not only will I be training alongside everyone, but I’ll be there to support them and help them every step of the way. Everyone will be tested to their absolute limits and with it they’ll discover their best selves. Without this program I wouldn’t be here writing this, and I think that just about sums up why Raj built this program. It’s not just life changing, its lifesaving, and I can’t give anyone more reason than that to give it a go”.

Bartender Boxing was intended to form part of #SBW2020. Due to the cancellation, Raj, Mark, Daniel & the BBO will be back in Sydney in 2021. For more information visit their website