Sacha Nourse & Pouya Khoshtarash compete with their 60 Second Cocktail Challenge videos

Videos 15 & 16 are now live on FB in our Bartender Magazine 60 Second Cocktail Challenge. Today we have Pouya from Darwin and Sacha from Melbourne so get behind your bar industry peep and watch their little videso.

A total of 22 videos have made the cut. We only have a handful left but we will keep loading them directly to the Australian Bartender magazine FB page. We will post two per day on FACEBOOK only and they will be judged on the number of VIEWS they get in seven days. No boosting and the likes don’t count but feel free to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE & TAG! The winner takes home $1000. So, make sure you tune in and check them out….

Just a little caveat, we said in the rule ‘no music’ as there are some strict FB rules around music. We have had our video maestro add royalty free music to all the videos to give them some vibe but also to make sure it’s an even playing field. If you want to revisit the rules, simply click here.

So to kick things off today we have: