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Tristram from the Campari Academy Team hosts a session

The Campari Academy’s new website – – will have a refreshed look for the Winners of Bar program from 2019, with an easy way to RSVP to trainings and masterclasses, plus exclusive access to educational material from past sessions.

The Campari Academy Australia: Connect. Educate. Inspire. These three words guide the team from the Campari Academy Australia every day, shaping how they educate and engage the bartenders of Australia while strengthening advocacy for the entire Campari Australia portfolio. For anyone who hasn’t heard of the Campari Academy Australia previously, the award-winning training platform launched in early 2019 to bring to the bartenders of Australia, trainings that went beyond brand and category, engaging in discussions and forums that would allow bartenders to challenge the status quo.

The Campari Academy Australia is comprised of four of the country’s most experienced educators and is led by the ever-enigmatic Daniele Pirotta (National Advocacy & Engagement Manager). Whether at one of our incredible Masterclasses, or in your own bar, you may have had the pleasure of being in a session delivered by Jay Lambert (QLD/NT), Luca Baioni (WA/SA/VIC/TAS) or Tristram Lilburne-Fini (NSW/ACT) covering the history and prominence of the Aperitivo & Amari to conversations surrounding the magic of barrel ageing in Kentucky Straight Bourbon & Rye Whiskies.

Luca holds court

Since the Campari Academy Australia began to bring its vision of elevating bartender training in early 2019, over 3,000 bartenders around Australia have seen our team in action delivering some truly memorable Masterclasses and have been introduced to new and innovative category approaches to training and education.

Building on the team’s commitment to the bartenders of Australia, extensive work has been done behind the scenes to develop not only new content to deliver throughout the remainder of 2020 and beyond, but to transform our digital interactions with the launch of our reinvigorated Campari Academy Australia website.

The Campari Academy Australia is proud to invite the bartenders of Australia to experience our new website; an all-in-one location that not only keeps you up to date with our upcoming training and masterclasses but will also allow members to register for events and access digital learning materials from all our sessions.

That’s right, those coveted booklets from our masterclasses, full of historical, factual and fun information are now available to all members anywhere in Australia and are joined by brand new, digital-only booklets that allow you to bring our Training Programs with you.

Jay educates a packed room (pre-COVID, of course!)

The digitalisation of our content is our way of supporting our Campari Academy Australia members. Being able to view content anywhere, can help members with cocktail creation, flavour pairing or even educating their co-workers or customers from one easily accessible platform.

After you have signed up to become a member of the Campari Academy Australia, you’ll be the first to know when our next series of Masterclasses and trainings will be coming to a town near you.

From July, our team of educators gradually re-instated our Training Program sessions to bartenders around Australia. We kicked off with the “Exploring Sugar” session which brought sugar to the forefront. The structure of the session was not like, “Rum and its associated history”, but presented a new point of view by focussing on the history and evolution of the world’s Liqueurs and sugar’s role within it. Bartenders were treated to an exploration of the science of sweetness along with tastings of some of the world’s most loved liqueur categories, such as; Honey with Wild Turkey American Honey, Orange with Grand Marnier, Nuts with Frangelico and the Anise with Ouzo12.

In the background, as we resume our sessions with you, the team is working on a program for the end of 2020. We’re hoping to deliver an amazing Masterclass in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, bringing an exciting guest on the road with us to talk about a yet-to-be unveiled subject. Yes, we are being a little secretive but that is because we don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Masterclasses and our Training Program sessions have been integral to establishing the Campari Academy Australia and engaging with bartenders, but we know so many of your first interactions with our team would have been in your current or former bar learning about Aperitivo from Jay, Rum from Luca or Bourbon from Tristram. These in-venue sessions have and always will be a major component of educating and connecting with bartenders around the country, and the team has given a little refresh to these trainings to bring together the Campari Academy Fundamentals. Think of our traditional training sessions that many have experienced in the past with some subtle tweaks to bring it in line with our Campari Academy Australia approach to bartender education.

We can deliver these sessions in your own bar, anywhere in Australia and they can be organised through your local Campari Australia representative or through one of our Campari Academy Ambassadors.

Lastly, the Campari Academy Australia wants to thank every single bartender, bar back, waiter, manager and kitchen staff member that has supported us in the past by attending any of our sessions and we are looking forward to being able to safely see you all again in the near future.

Daniele, Luca, Jay & Tristram

To keep up to date on all upcoming Masterclasses and Trainings plus get exclusive access to the Campari Academy Australia’s digital learning materials, be sure to sign-up at and follow the steps to become a member of Australia’s Best Bartender Training Program.