The IDEA LAB has 9 days to go until closing

The IDEA LAB has 9 days to go until closing.

9 short days.

That’s 216 Hours.
12960 minutes.
777600 Seconds.

The countdown is on. The clock is ticking.

So, listen up hospitality professionals!

This is your chance at multiple grants of up to $20,000 to help support, rebuild and reunite the industry, with an additional option of a $5,000 stock support choice as a grant.

It all starts with a simple thought. An idea you have written on a bar napkin after your shift; that lightbulb moment, that wizardry mind creation that you’ve been concocting, letting it brew like witches magic.

It’s time! That idea is no longer to be kept in the cloud (with all the other items on one’s technological devices… we have no idea where its stored).

We ask you…

Put it to paper. Write it down. Submit it through The Blend website where you will find the entry form and questions, as well as the T&C’s and rules.

Otherwise your voice will not be heard.

The IDEA LAB is here to allow the trade to create and revolutionise.

We’ve seen ideas that became movements. Take, for example, Trash Tiki with the Sustainability, minimal waste movement, White Lyan removing ice from their venue operations and changing the ‘standard bar’, Tim Etherington-Judge with Healthy Hospo, talking about Mental health; and that’s just to name a few! Those ideas have transformed the industry, not just locally, but also globally!

We’ve also seen smaller local idea’s take flight. Size doesn’t matter (in this instance). Passion, innovation and creativity do.

We know that there is a bank of ideas that are being sat on, that may not have had their chance to shine. Maybe due to resource support limitations, timings or financial investment not previously available.  But… The Blend is here to help!


The IDEA LAB is giving away multiple grants of up to $20,000*, as well as the option of applying for $5,000 worth of Beam Suntory stock support.  (We have two (2) of these available!)

Through the IDEA LAB, bartenders are given the opportunity to submit an original idea that is to support their team, venue, or a personal passion project, that may be beyond the bar.


Those who make it to the short-list will be provided support, nurturing, and further education via global and local mentors in 1:1 sessions and group sessions. This support is to ensure you’re not left alone, and to provide a sounding board for the idea to take full flight.


Don’t delay. Get your team together or your individual idea and submit it today.

What are you waiting for?