Summer Vice by Chelsea Catherine

Summer Vice (GROUP SERVE 750ML)

  • 150 ml BACARDI Spiced
  • 150 ml Rose
  • 200 ml toasted coconut water *
  • 75 ml strawberry oleo **
  • 50 ml lactart
  • 25 ml apple cider vinegar
  • 100 ml yoghurt whey
  1. Build all ingredients together.
  2. If you choose to carbonate do so before adding booze.
  3. Bottle and serve chilled

* TOASTED COCONUT WATER 20g organic coconut flakes 200g Water Lightly toast coconut flakes, add them to 200g water for 5 minutes Strain

** STRAWBERRY OLEO 500g chopped strawberries 500g sugar Leave in a container for 24 hours to macerate Strain off strawberries and keep syrup