Stuart Alexander adds Don Papa Aged Rum to its portfolio of world-class premium beverages

Stuart Alexander is excited to announce the addition of Don Papa Aged Rum to its expanding portfolio of world-class premium beverages.

Led by Don Papa 7-year-old and Don Papa 10-year-old, Don Papa is the fastest-growing super- premium Rum brands in the world, with global volume of 180,000 nine-litre cases in 2019, a 30% increase from 2018.

“Super-premium premium spirits is a clear growth category in Australia, and Don Papa Aged Rum is one of the most exciting and original Rum brands on the global market,” says Nick Nairn, CEO of Stuart Alexander. “We welcome Don Papa Aged Rum to our expanding portfolio of Premium Beverages, and look forward to introducing Australian consumers to this dynamic brand“.

Award-winning Stranger & Stranger packaging design company have developed a distinctive look, beautifully inspired by the animals and plants of the land. Don Papa is an award-winning aged Rum produced in the Philippines, on the majestic island of Negros Occidental. This lush and fertile land, known colloquially as “Sugarlandia,” is where sugarcane has thrived for centuries. The Rum is characterized by its sweeter signature style, perfect for enjoying neat or on the rocks, in a high ball, or in a range of classic cocktails.

For more information on stocking Don Papa Aged Rum in your venue, contact your local Stuart Alexander Rep.