The IDEA LAB has 48 hours to go until submissions close. We repeat FORTY – EIGHT short hours to go. A chance at grants of up to $20,000

The IDEA LAB has 48 hours to go until submissions close. We repeat FORTY – EIGHT short hours to go. A chance at grants of up to $20,000.

The countdown is on. The clock is ticking.

So listen up hospitality professionals!  We know you’re creative, we know there is lightbulb moments every day that are occurring in those minds of yours.

This is YOUR chance at multiple grants of up to $20,000 to help support, rebuild and reunite the industry, with an additional option of a $5,000 stock support choice as a grant.

There’s T&C’s… yes, but it doesn’t matter your experience within the industry or how big or how small the idea is. We are ready and listening. And just like Oprah, we have money we want to give away! (*please note we don’t reference ourselves to be Oprah like,  we do wish we could be however. She is a true inspirational legend.)


The IDEA LAB is giving away multiple grants of up to $20,000*, as well as the option of applying for $5,000 worth of Beam Suntory stock support.  (We have two (2) of these available!)

Through the IDEA LAB, bartenders are given the opportunity to submit an original idea that is to support their team, venue, or a personal passion project, that may be beyond the bar.


Those who make it to the short-list will be provided support, nurturing, and further education via global and local mentors in 1:1 sessions and group sessions. This support is to ensure you’re not left alone, and to provide a sounding board for the idea to take full flight.


Enter as an Individual, Venue or  Team

Select the grant applicable to your unique idea:

  • $20,000 grant
  • $10,000 grant
  • $5,000 grant
  • 5k Stock
  1. Entries must be submitted online at
  2. Full T&C’s found online – we suggest reading over these before entering!


We usually like to go rouge and break the rules, but this time we advise against it!

  • While we aren’t a serious bunch, your idea, must comply with your states licensing and ABAC code to be considered.
  • Your idea must not display racial discrimination, sexual harassment or engage in illegal activity
  • Upon entry you must select which grant you are applying for. This cannot be changed or altered after submission.
  • Your idea must be original, we don’t like a copy cat!
  • We don’t want to not let your creative juices flow! Multiple submissions are possible.
  • Your idea must utilize or demonstrate/include Beam Suntory brands.
  • Persons submitting ideas must not be employed by an Industry liquor or distribution company. Sorry, it’s a conflict of interest!
  • You must reside in Australia up until March 2021.
  • Your idea MUST be LIVE by March 2021
  • Shortlisted ideas will be featured digitally and amplified through media channels, to both trade and consumers for voting. Upon entering you are agreeing to this stage of the project.


*Open to Australian residents only.