Young Henrys have got some gins you need to try

Courtesy of Young Henrys Head Distiller, Carla Daunton, the team behind Newtown’s smash hit craft beer brand have three gins.

The starter is the Noble Cut Australia Gin. A new world Australian gin with a youthful contempt for gin’s British heritage, Young Henrys has produced a unique expression of quintessential Australian botanicals, including bush tomato, pepperberries, locally grown sencha green tea and noble varietal Aussie hops.

Then there is the Noble Cut Barrel Aged (single batch) – A New World Australian gin created with techniques and flavours from both brewing and distilling. It showcases a unique expression of Australian botanicals including lemon myrtle, pepperberry and Enigma Hop flowers. This spirit then spent nine months in an ex rye whiskey American oak barrel.

Finally there is the Noble Cut Newtown Strength (single batch) which is a limited edition batch of Newtown Strength Noble Cut The higher ABV pushes the sweet and spicy notes of the juniper and the floral tones of the hops in a rich heady aroma. The Australian botanicals of lemon myrtle and pepperberry sing across the palate while the citrus elements linger in a sweet and refreshing finish. This is a bold, balanced and warming spirit, a love letter to Newtown itself.

Contact the Young Henrys team to stock these gins in your bar.