Tune in live for Tuesday launch of Melbourne-made Grainshaker Vodka

Supporting local industry has never tasted better, with the launch of Grainshaker Australian Vodka – the new premium spirit produced in Victoria by Top Shelf International.

To celebrate the launch Trish Brew and Sebastian Reaburn will be hosting a live event launch on Tuesday 27th October at 6.00pm. Simply click on this link to join: https://www.facebook.com/grainshaker/live/

This October, Australians will be able to toast Grainshaker’s launch with three handmade vodka varieties that sing on their own, and mix perfectly with others.

Not all grains are created equal, and Grainshaker has gone to painstaking lengths to source Australia’s finest wheat, rye and corn for their three distinctive ranges.

Grainshaker is named for the original grain sorters that cleaned, sorted and graded grains at each harvest. The brand favours the traditional process of manually ‘cutting’ the head and tails of distillate by taste, keeping only

the quality ‘heart’ of the distillation. From the silo to the serve, this is vodka the Australian way.

Grainshaker Wheat A combination of different wheat distillates blended and re-distilled together. Wheat is the cornerstone of Russian vodka; it is synonymous with the spirit. This clean, light grain has notes of vanilla, citrus and a hint of anise. It pairs perfectly with lime, works harmoniously in cocktails and shines in a vodka spritz.

Grainshaker Corn Distilled with a combination of wheat and corn. Famous for the flavour it gives to American whisky, corn is the grain gaining traction with innovative new spirit brands. Bringing softness and a hint of mellow caramel, corn is the warmest flavour in the Grainshaker line and craves to be coupled with the likes of coffee, ginger beer and grapefruit.

Grainshaker Rye Created with a combination of wheat and rye distillate. Rye is the traditional spirit grain of Poland, which is famous for bold vodkas and rye loaves. This smooth vodka is characterised by brooding spices, fresh bread, and an almost dark chocolate finish. Add a dash of fresh lime, or use in a vodka martini – for Reaburn, it’s made for dirty martinis.

You can join in a special Facebook live event launch on Tuesday 27th October at 6.00pm by clicking  on this link https://www.facebook.com/grainshaker/live/

Friends and colleagues most welcome to join in the session. We look forward to bringing Grainshaker to you all.

Sebastian Reaburn demonstrates the mixability of Grainshaker with comedian Andy Lee