Why not add some Mexican spirit to your cocktails?

Photography by Christopher Pearce

Everyone loves a bit of tequila, right? And mezcal? Let’s face it, its a vegetal delight that bartenders can’t get enough of. We recently showcased five cocktails featuring the good stuff from Mexico from some bars around the county. So here goes:

Hot Tamale Cerveza
60ml spicy pineapple juice*
15ml fresh lime
Tecate or Corona
Schooner glass, salted rim & dehydrated pineapple

*Spicy Pineapple Juice
2L fresh juiced pineapple
50g jalapenos
15g citric acid

Hot Tamale, Darwin

D’Marge Cocktail
45ml chamomile infused blanco tequila
10ml apple liqueur
5ml poire williams liqueur
30ml lime juice
5ml agave nectar
2 dash grapefruit bitters

Shake and fine strain over large ice cube
Garnish with dehydrated lime wheel

Barangaroo House, Sydney

Hot Tamale Margarita
60ml reposado equila
30ml orange oleo saccharum*
30ml fresh lime juice
1/2 sea salt rim, rocks glass, ice

*Orange Oleo Saccharum
3 navel orange peels with no pith
1 cup sugar
Leave for 1 day at room temp
Add 1 cup water, dissolve and strain peels

Hot Tamale, Darwin

Kiss & Tell
45ml Blanco Tequila
30ml Coconut water
30ml Jasmine tea
30ml clarified grapefruit juice
7ml Agave & Palm syrup
5ml Citrus Bomb

Clarified Grapefruit Juice recipe
750ml Grapefruit Juice
2g Agar
150ml Grapefruit Syrup
Add Agar powder to 250ml Boiling water, stir until dissolved.
Add cooled agar mixture to juice & whisk.
Pour into a container & freeze until almost solid.
Place over oil filter or super fine strainer & 
allow to slowly defrost until all the water 
content has strained through (what should be left is a grapefruit snot)
Add Grapefruit Syrup, Store & refrigerate for up to 3 weeks

Grapefruit Syrup Recipe
600g White sugar
300ml Water
10g (or 4 grapefruit worth) grapefruit peels.
Add all to Vacuum bag & SV for 2 hrs at 45Deg 
(or do it in a pan over a low heat not letting it boil)

Agave & Palm Syrup recipe
100g Palm Sugar
100ml Agave Syrup
100ml water
Add & stir until dissolved.

Citrus Bomb recipe
3g Malic Acid
1g Ascorbic Acid
4g Citric Acid
100ml Water
Add all & stir until dissolved

Hibiscus Sherbet recipe
10g Dried hibiscus flowers
2g Citric acid
100g caster sugar
Blend until superfine

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sydney

La Palabra
45ml mezcal
15ml yellow chartreuse
15ml luxurious
15ml hibiscus syrup
30ml lime juice
15ml egg white
hard shake and strain into a coupette. Hibiscus dust garnish in a straight line

Cantina OK!, Sydney