Eau de Vie Sydney set to move to a new location in 2021

Iconic Sydney cocktail bar Eau de Vie has announced that they will be moving from their current location on the ground floor of the Kirketon Hotel, after reaching a stalemate in rent negotiations. The venue will continue to operate out of this location until the end of the year and in 2021, the team will set up somewhere new.

“Unfortunately we were unable to reach an agreement with the landlord on rent so we have decided to move the venue to a new location in 2021,” says Speakeasy Group Director, Sven Almenning. “Kings Kross is not what it once was. The lockout hurt our business massively, but thanks to our many loyal customers and cocktail fans we managed to survive.”

With COVID, the location faced the same challenges as so many venues nationwide. REnt negotiations will be a hot topic over the coming months with a massive variation in willingness to cut rents or negotiate in a new world.

As Sven says: “we were ready to fight through COVID as well, but we don’t feel the location and the rent marry up in a post-COVID world, so we’ll be looking for a new space for 2021.”



“We know a great many people have great memories of our little cocktail bar and that there have been a number lovebirds who either met at Eau de Vie, had their first date there or even proposed there,” says Sven. “We hope that they and the many others who’ll remember us fondly will take the time to come by and have a few drinks and bid the old girl farewell before we close up.”