Celebrating the Appleton relaunch with Joy Spence and two delicious rum cocktails

Appleton Estate Master Distiller Joy Spence

For decades, bartenders around the world have known Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum as a leader in pure, expressive and truly mixable premium rums. Whether they came to know it from cleaning down a bottle on the backbar when they were starting out or now have it as a main fixture in their Mai Tai’s, there has always been something equally alluring and mystical about the brand.

With a history dating back to 1749, Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum is one of the oldest producers of rum on the island of Jamaica, strengthened by bringing together amazing natural resources from the Nassau Valley, precise distillation practices and joyous blending to create a range of world-class rums that represent the unique pulse of Jamaica.

The ‘pulse’ referred to is Appleton Estate Master Blender Joy Spence’s way of explaining the vibrant energy that fuels everything that occurs on the Island; from the cricket to dancehall and ultimately Rum.

For those that haven’t met Joy before, she is a stalwart of the Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum team. Having come on board as head chemist in 1981, Joy has been pivotal to the quality and passion behind our rums for nearly 40 years.

In 1997, Joy was named Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum’s Master Blender, significant not only because she was the first female within the company to hold the role, but she was also the first female in the industry to earn this distinction.

The rums created by Appleton Estate follow a ‘Cane to Cup’ approach. This means that every step, from planting the sugarcane to bottling our beautifully aged Jamaican Rums, is conducted on site in the Nassau Valley.

Improved Jamaican Boulevard
By Luca Baioni of the Campari Academy

30ml Appleton Estate 8yo Reserve
30ml Campari
30ml 1757 Vermouth
di Torino Rosso
5ml Frangelico
2 drops Orange Bitters

Throw between two tins to chill, aerate and release aromas. 
Strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass.
Express the essential oils of an orange zest to perfume 
the drink and glass, then use it as garnish.

Kingston Calling
By Jay Lambert of The Campari Academy

50ml Appleton Estate 8yo Reserve10ml Fino Sherry
15ml Lemon juice
10ml Lime juice
20ml Pineapple, cardamom and ginger syrup.

Shake with ice and strain into a Nick & Nora that has been 
wiped with a fresh cut piece of pineapple for aromatics.

Meeting the Family

The core Jamaican Rums that make up the newly reinvigorated Appleton Estate family are Appleton Estate Signature, Appleton Estate 8yo Reserve & Appleton Estate 12yo Rare Casks. In 2021, these Premium Jamaican Rums will be joined by the Appleton Estate 21yo Nassau Valley Casks, rounding out the range.

Let’s take a moment to introduce our range of Premium Jamaican rums.

Appleton Estate Signature
The Appleton Estate Signature is a bright and fresh expression of Jamaican Rum, composed of column and pot still rums kept pure with Jamaican Limestone-filtered water and no additional flavouring added. From start to finish, this rum presents notes of dried apricot, fresh peach and subtle hints of molasses. It is a must-have for
rum lovers.

Appleton Estate 8yo Reserve
The Appleton Estate 8yo Reserve was crafted by Joy spence in 1999 for the 250th anniversary of the Appleton Estate. This blend is comprised of column and pot still rums, aged for a minimum of 8 years in the tropical Jamaican climate and is made with Jamaican limestone-filtered water with no additional flavours or colours added. This honey, amber coloured rum shows delightful/inviting aromas of spiced fruit and oak, supported by generous/luscious/textured flavours of vanilla, holiday spice and Appleton Estate’s signature orange peel notes (on the palate,) that cascade seamlessly into a long and pleasant finish.

Appleton Estate 12yo Rare Casks
This rum is a true expression of our Master Blender Joy Spence’s passion and craft. The Appleton Estate 12yo Rare Casksis composed of a blend of rare and hand-selected casks that have spent no less than 12 years ageing in Jamaica’s tropical climate. The deeply bronzed colour leads through a sophisticated and smooth expression of aged rums, revealing aromas of toasted oak, dried fruits and hazelnuts followed by notes of dark cacao, molasses and orange peel. Truly one to sit back, sip and think about the world around us.

If you or your Bar want to experience these Premium Jamaican Rums, please reach out to your local Campari Group Representative. To keep up to date with the Campari Academy Australia’s calendar of Masterclasses and Trainings around Australia, please visit www.campariacademy.com.au and sign up today.