‘No one cares Karen’: Blue Valentine’s Bad Bartender merch

Blue Valentine (centre) with her Lefty’s workmates showing off their Bad Bartender uniforms

Blue Valentine, a Brisbane based bartender currently working at Lefty’s Music Hall is the name behind the new range of bartender merch you might have seen on your insta-feed. The range of t-shirts and prints are ‘for badass, bottle smashing night-owls’ and are inspired by the tattoos seen on many a bartending arm. Popular slogans like “No one cares Karen”, “Say Please” and “Call me Old Fashioned” have been a hit with patrons and staff alike.

“During COVID I was just mucking around with ideas of things that annoyed me most over the bar, of course there’s 100’s but I narrowed it down to six to start with and went from there,” said Blue. “I wanted to do variations of black and white prints so that people would also be able to wear them behind the bar as well as when they’re out and about.”
Lefty’s quickly took on the range as their staff uniform and the reaction has been amazing.



“This was definitely just an experiment for me, and a way I could add something more creative in my day to day life,” said Blue. “I was in no way expecting the reaction I got across the two bartending networks I posted in and couldn’t be more grateful for all the support everyone has given me.”

Check out the full range at badbartender.com.au