The Sunshine Inn is a new joint in Redfern for natty wines, cold beer and good grub

The Sunshine Inn – 180 Redfern Street, Redfern

Situated in the old Redfern Continental, The Sunshine Inn is a neighbourhood restaurant and bar. The drinks are Australian focussed with a wine list showcasing the best of Australia’s budding natural wine scene.

The cocktail list is a two-part with signature Australiana cocktails and a more traditional selection of slight twists on classics. Co-owner Dan McBride says: “I love using Australian producers but there isn’t an answer for everything yet – the Margarita being a perfect example of not having a homegrown option”. The Sunshine Inn will also pour the best of Australia’s craft beer with Akasha, Wildflower, Grifter and many more.



Executive chef Emma Evans (Ex Alibi, Golden Gully) will bring you honest, plant inspired eats in the front bar, think Potato Scallops, Jalapeno Poppers, Vegetarian Meatball subs and generally tasty grub all made from fresh, seasonal NSW produce picked from the markets. Evans will also oversee DD’s, a small, intimate restaurant in the old Gunther’s Dining Room, tucked away and hidden in the back of The Sunshine Inn, the menu will be plant focused and use seasonal NSW produce with attention to Australian native flavours, DD’s will offer a 3, 4 or 5 course degustation with the five course coming in at only $59, bookings will be essential. Evans said ‘Using seasonal, local ingredients is good for everyone, it drives down costs that we can pass onto our diners, it helps local growers, it helps the environment and best of all it just tastes damn good’.