VIDEO: How to make Old Mate’s Pea & Pear Shrub

Old Mate’s Pea & Pear Shrub

Presented by Daniel Noble, co-owner Old Mate’s Place

Photography by Christopher Pearce

For this month’s photoshoot we headed to Old Mate’s Place in Sydney’s Clarence Street. With Dre Walters and Dan Noble leading the charge this is a joint that is serious about its cocktailing. This drink features their house-made labour of love the Pea & Pear Shrub. Noble says: “The drink is a light, effervescent delight. The Perfect cocktail for the spritz lover in all of us.”

This syrup is a key ingredient in the Pea & Pear Shrub cocktail. See recipe below.

The Recipe
45ml Bulldog gin
20ml Lillet
40ml Pea & Pear Shrub*
10ml Glycerine sage syrup**
Dash soda water
Shake and double strain over cubed ice into a shroom glass and garnish with a pea tendril.

*How to make the Pea & Pear Shrub
1 litre verjus
600g sugar
8 medium-sized
green pears
3 cups frozen peas
Combine all ingredients and let sit for 24-48 hours. Strain.

**Glycerine sage Syrup
800 ml vegetable glycerine
300ml water
6 bunches fresh sage
Infuse all for 48 hours and strain.
To finish the Pea & Pear Shrub, blend both syrups. Add 3g malic and 3g citric per 500ml of liquid. Bottle.