The new Gurdy’s Newtown has a sustainable ethos and plant-based menu

Gurdys – 349 King Street, Newtown

In September, Gurdys restaurant and bar in Newtown quietly reopened following a major menu overhaul and refurbishment. The Newtown favourite has expanded its sustainable ethos and team, introducing a completely new food offering centred around minimal-waste cooking and a completely plant-based menu.

Owned by Brett and Clare Davis, Gurdys’ next chapter is spearheaded by chef Kela Moraza and venue manager Emma Rothwell. Sustainability is everywhere you look at Gurdys. There’s a no-plastic-straw policy, wine on tap from R!ot Wine Co (saving 66 bottles a keg) and spirits via ecoTOTES (ecoSPIRITS’ 4.5-litre reusable glass containers, with a tree planted in Borneo for each purchased). Emma says “it is an ongoing process but we’re continually learning and looking for new ways to reduce our waste as a venue.”

The fit out has also changed at Gurdys with salvaged booths providing the new-look. The result is the kind of space where you can start with a snack and apertif and then spend all evening working your way though the menu.