It’s Spritz Season so get your Aperol Spritz fix here!

The sun is shining across Australia, the beaches are beginning to (safely) welcome more visitors and glasses full of one of Italy’s most famous Aperitivo drinks are being shared amongst friends to celebrate the new season. Needless to say, it’s time for an Aperol Spritz!

Easy to make, delicious and refreshing, you will find this most loved cocktail being enjoyed as a central part of the Aperitivo experience from Venice, to New York, to Perth.
With a vibrant tradition and ritual, Aperol Spritz and the Aperitivo are perfectly suited to the Australian lifestyle. We love being outdoors, sharing joyful moments with our friends over a drink and as professionals, we can use Aperol Spritz as a gesture of true hospitality.
After a year such as 2020, it’s time to connect with friends, family and neighbours
and #ShareaSpritz.

Aperol, Aperitivo since 1919

Aperol is a light and bitter-sweet Italian Aperitivo liqueur, created in Padova, a city not far from Venice, in 1919.

It was born by the idea of two brothers, Silvio and Luigi Barbieri, to create a liqueur that was lighter, more approachable and perfect for the daily Aperitivo ritual.
To this day, Aperol is made following a secret recipe. A natural maceration of botanicals, with roots, herbs, fruit and spices used whole, with orange and rhubarb standing out amongst them. No artificial ingredients are used to give Aperol its citrusy, bitter-sweet flavour and unique character.

Since its creation, Aperol has been enjoyed in simple Aperitivo drinks and creative cocktails around the world, but the key to its success was certainly Aperol Spritz.

Evolved from the ‘White Spritz’ (a mix of white wine and carbonated water born as way to lighten structured Venetian white wines), the Spritz really took new heights when Aperol was added to it. Aperol Spritz is the original and driving force behind the category, while being the most iconic and recognisable Aperitivo cocktail among its peers.

The classic recipe is recognized by the IBA (International Bartender Association) that lists it as one of the ‘must know’ classic cocktails and creates a perfectly balanced, deliciously light and refreshing Aperitivo drink.

How to Aperitivo?

The perfect Aperitivo occasion is best enjoyed with friends, family, some light snacks and (of course) an Aperol Spritz.

A social ritual and a cultural staple embraced today in many countries, Aperitivo is being adopted in Australia too. Bars, restaurants and hosts understand the civilised practice of offering a light, refreshing drink to start the evening in style.

From simple nibbles, like crisps and olives, to more creative bites, food is a perfect accompaniment to your favourite Aperitivo drinks. If you want to create your own genuine Aperitivo experience, take some inspiration from the Italian classic snacks that go hand-in-hand with this unique ritual.

What really makes the moment special though, are the people you share it with and we can’t wait to share an Aperol Spritz with you all.

Making Aperol Spritz is as simple as 3, 2, 1.

In a large (380-420ml) wine glass full of ice, pour
3 parts (90ml) Riccadonna Prosecco DOC
2 parts (60ml) Aperol
1 part (30ml) Premium Soda Water
Stir gently to mix and garnish with an orange wedge.

Like all simple things, Aperol Spritz is very easy to make 
but even with the simple tasks, some mistakes can occur. 

To enjoy the best Aperol Spritz:
Always make it fresh to order, keeping the 3,2,1 proportions.
Add plenty of ice to ensure a cold drink that won’t be overdiluted
Use Italian Prosecco 
Make sure all ingredients are well mixed and not layered, 
be careful to stir gently and not to lose carbonation.

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We are excited to welcome the new summer season and for us all to have a great time sharing an Aperol Spritz with friends, while celebrating moments that matter the most.