VIDEO: How to make the More Silk the Saturn with Bryce from Burrow Bar

Photography & video by Christopher Pearce

Cocktails presented by Bryce McDonough from Burrow Bar, Sydney

In December we headed to the beloved Burrow Bar, a hidden laneway gem in Sydney’s CBD with a reputation for damn fine drinks and damn fine people. During what was a super tough 2020, the names Chau Tran and Bryce McDonough came up again and again as true supporters of the industry and of their staff. So, kudos to them.

And, let’s face it, they are a bar that serves banging cocktails. This one here, the More Silk than Saturn is a riff on the tiki Saturn drink and it’s a smooth, sweet and creamy sensation.


45ml 78 Degrees Small Batch Gin
10ml orgeat
10ml falernum
30ml lemon-passionfruit butter*

Add all to blender with a small scoop 
of crushed ice. 
BLEND. Pour into a coupette.
Garnish with Peychauds

*Lemon-passionfruit butter recipe 
120ml lemon juice
10g lemon zest
200g unsalted butter
175g sugar
120g (8) yolks
170g passionfruit pulps and all
1g salt
Vac seal and sous vide at 75 degrees celcius for an hour. 
Massage it every 20 mins. 
Chill it down. Blend to emulsify. It’s now ready to use.

How to... step by step
Step 1: First you need to prepare your lemon-passionfruit butter. 
Start with adding butter to vacuum seal sous vide bag
Step 2: Add egg yolks
Step 3: Add sugar
Step 4: Add passionfruit 
pulps and all
Step 5: Add lemon juice
Step 6: Add salt
Step 7: Seal the bag
Step 8: Sous vide at 75 degrees Celsius for one hour, 
massaging every 20 minutes. Chill and blend.
Step 9: Now that the lemon passionfruit butter is good to 
go, you can prep the drink. Start with adding falernum to blender
Step 10: Add orgeat
Step 11: Add lemon-passionfruit butter
Step 12: Add Gin
Step 13: Add crushed ice
Step 14: Blend
Step 15: Pour into coupette and garnish with Peychauds
Step 16: Voila