Simon Ford on the topic of gin in general and Fords Gin in particular

Image: Rebecca Peplinksi Photography

Simon Ford shares some thoughts about gin in general and his namesake gin in particular…

How did you find your way into the gin business?
Gin has been a big part of my career dating back to 1998 when I started working with Plymouth Gin. While I was there, I was given the opportunity to acquire a lot of gin knowledge learning everything from the history of this fine spirit to how to tell the difference between good and bad juniper. Gin has been a big part of my career path every step of the way since then.

How did you and your 10th  generation master distiller cross paths?
Charles Maxwell is a well-known distiller with an amazing family background in gin. We had met a few times at events and had even done a couple of talks together at trade shows. I knew of his gin making talents, so when I was ready to start developing Fords Gin he was the first person I called.

Can you tell us a bit about the story behind Fords Gin?
Fords Gin was created to be a versatile all-around cocktail gin that could be a ‘go to’ gin for bartenders making the classic gin cocktails. The journey started with a bartender friend of mine and I drawing chef-like flavour maps that showed gin botanicals paired with key flavours and ingredients found in classic cocktails. We then started developing our recipe from there. We wanted to pair our knowledge as bartenders with the knowledge of an accomplished gin distillery and make something that would complement classic cocktails and mix well since gin is more commonly enjoyed in mixed drinks than it is sipped on its own (although I personally like drinking gin neat).

Favourite cocktail to make with Fords Gin?
My hands-down favourite way to enjoy Fords Gin is in a classic gin martini, stirred with dry vermouth, a dash of orange bitters with a lemon twist. It’s simply the best way to taste the gin. During the summer months of lockdown I’ve been enjoying a Gin Rickey or two (recipe below). It’s such a simple, refreshing drink.


Distilled in London, Fords Gin is a fresh, thoughtful mix of nine botanicals. With its elegant notes of jasmine and grapefruit, and characteristic juniper and coriander seed undertones, Fords Gin is the perfect, versatile base for any gin-inspired cocktail.

• 45ml FORDS GIN
• Juice of half a lime
• Soda water

Squeeze the juice of half a lime 
directly into an iced filled 
tall glass. 
Add 30ml of Fords Gin, 
top with soda and 
garnish with a lime wheel

For more info about FORDS GIN contact your Brown-Forman rep.