The Campari Academy Masterclass Program Series returns to Australia! The first session in 2021 is all about fermentation!

Hey Bartender Legends, we are back with our Masterclass program this March!
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Ever imagined your Prosecco without pop, your Pet Nat without Petillance!? Or even your beer without bubbles? Simply put, without fermentation the alcohol industry wouldn’t exist.

Yeasts & bacteria are all around us, living on and in everything, including ourselves, they contribute to our lives in so many ways – whether it’s enjoying the delicious umami flavours in your cheese toastie, fighting bad bugs with Penicillin (not Sam Ross’ version), unwinding after work with a cold beer or getting a delightful surprise from fizzy orange juice when you open the bar. It’s easy to underestimate their contribution to our daily lives.

So, if you want to know how to get your sourdough started, kick off your Kombucha & fruit wine program, or you might already be the King of Kefir but either way you should join us for our first Masterclass of 2021!

The topic is “Nature to Nurture”, with Australia’s leading expert on Fermentation – Sharon Flynn.

Get in quick! Head to…/nature-to-nurture…/ and sign up to the CAMPARI ACADEMY to be able to RSVP for this session.

“Nature to Nurture” will look at what fermentation is, what it isn’t and then analyze different approaches to fermenting for flavour creation, including things to consider when nurturing a fermentation culture in in your venue, or at home.

We couldn’t do all of this without tasting some delicious examples of the art in context, so we asked some of the country’s best to create some drinks for us to sample using the technique.

As always, we hope our program sparks your curiosity of this wonderful technique and inspires you to nurture some nature in your bar.

Series Details


Where: Campari Australia at Creative Cubes Co., Level 5/111 Cecil St, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Time: 1:00pm – 4pm


Where: Hotel Diablo – 153 Little Stanley St, South Brisbane QLD

Time: 1:00pm – 4pm


Where: ELEVEN by Rockpool, 11 Bridge St Sydney

Time: 1:00pm – 4pm


Where: Osteria Oggi – 76 Pirie St, Adelaide

Time: 2:30pm -5:30

Head to…/nature-to-nurture…/ and sign up to the CAMPARI ACADEMY to be able to RSVP for this session.


Sharon Flynn is considered a foremost authority on fermentation and has made it her mission to bring a variety of fermented food and drinks into homes everywhere. Sharon immersed herself in various fermentation techniques during 20 years abroad living in Malaysia, Japan, the US and Europe as an expat, experiencing the benefits of these foods on the microbiome first hand when her youngest daughter became ill.

This led her back to Australia, and to the birth of The Fermentary in 2013. Sharon has since strived to ferment traditionally, standing for complex flavour and texture over fast processes and health food fads. This has earned The Fermentary many awards for various products including ‘Outstanding Artisan’.

In 2015 Sharon attended a fermentation residency with Sandor Katz in his home in Tennessee, later returning to Kyoto to attend a Koji residency. Sharon published Ferment for Good in 2017, now in its third edition, and her second book ‘Wild Drinks’ will be released later this year.

She shares her knowledge and passion for this ancient art through her various ferments online, wholesale to food service and independent stores Sharon’s true love is sharing and connecting through workshops and events and she regularly hosts other experts in Australia to share theirs.

Hope to see you all at our sessions.


The Campari Academy Team.