Open now: Apollonia Bar at Hinchcliff House in Sydney

Alissa Gabriel is the Bars Manager at Hinchcliff House

Apollonia – Basement level, 5-7 Young Street, Sydney 

There’s been a lot of rumblings about Hinchcliff House, the new multi-faceted venue at Sydney’s Circular Quay, especially in the last few weeks with cocktail shots, baked goods and images of Alyssa Gabriel in action popping up on Instagram.

So, it’s nice to be able to report that the highly anticipated basement bar, Apollonia, is now open with Alissa Gabriel (of Mjolner and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang fame) in charge of the drinks and Alex Thorn in the role of Head Bartender.

The whole of Hinchcliff House covers four floors and has a capacity for 450 people. This includes Grana, an eatery with a bakery, the “premium-casual” Lana restaurant, and the aforementioned Apollonia. The top floor will be an events venue, slated to open in may.

Apollonia takes its name and inspiration from a character from the movie The Godfather and bills itself as a fictional Sicilian bandit drinking den. Home to old-world escapism through cocktails, drinks and good time hospitality, Apollonia is indeed an imagined Sicilian bandit’s drinking den and a homage to the Apollonia Vitelli-Corleone, her romance and her tragic story.

The Hinchcliff House project is brought to you by House Made Hospitality and according to Creative Director, Scott Brown: “Sydney city is a beautiful, romantic place. It’s so inspiring, but also filled with mystery. Apollonia is the perfect reflection of our city and our people. We’re just a little bit mysterious, just a little dark but full of love. We can’t wait to share that love and mystery with the people of Sydney.”

House Made Hospitality’s beverage director is none-other than Jason Williams, who has featured in these pages many times and is the face of Widge’s Gin and Creative Director at Proof & Company in Singapore. Stay tuned for more on Hinchcliff House.