Check out Loco Lane in Culburra Beach

179 Prince Edward Avenue, Culburra Beach NSW

Husband and wife team Mark and Emma Petersen had some time off from their events business in 2020, so they decided to open a bar. They opened in February in Culburra Beach on the NSW south coast (just south of Shoalhaven Heads). They’ve been open for a couple of months now and according to Mark “the response has been excellent.”

The building was a dental surgery and hadn’t been used in 15 years. The idea to convert it to the cantina and cocktail bar was the perfect fit. “It’s tiny and we love it like that,” says Mark. “The entrance is on the main strip of shops at Culburra Beach but it has its own tiny 11 metre private laneway (hence ‘Loco Lane’) similar to what you find in back alleys in Melbourne or Sydney.”

The bar is small but pumps out endless cocktails Tuesdays and Thursday to Friday. “Culburra Beach is fast becoming a go to place for visitors especially from Sydney and Canberra and they love the atmosphere, drinks and food,” says Mark. “We had been wanting to do this for about 5 years, Culburra Beach needed something a little edgy and we delivered. Covid left me with no work so for the first time in years I had a lot of time on his hands.”

They rotate the cocktail list and have at least 35 different craft beers available.