The Blend launches The Scholarship

The Blend launches The Scholarship.

A program for hospitality professionals to further develop themselves personally and in their career. In venue, behind the bar and beyond!

The Blend is back (well, they never really went anywhere, we just mean they are back face to face!), and their new program is designed to help you take your hospitality career to the next level.

The Scholarship is for you, whether you’re new to the game or you’re already climbing the ranks.

If you’re new to the hospitality industry, The Scholarship will teach you the fundamentals of hospitality. If you’re moving up the ranks, they’ll show you modern bartending techniques. And if you want to push yourself to the next level, you’ll pick up knowledge and skills beyond the bar so you can drive the industry forward. The program has educational workshops covering things from presentation skills, photography and personal brand development, to digital marketing and social media skills, career path, personal development and so much more that is yet to be revealed.

The Scholarship is a program setting up hospitality professionals for their future.

But what does the hospitality professional of the future look like?

“I hope it looks like someone with a diverse understanding of all areas of food and beverage, who embraces looking after guests while allowing enough time for their personal passions and lives,” says Merivale’s Sam Egerton.

“I hope it looks like someone with a diverse understanding of all areas of food and beverage, who embraces looking after guests while allowing enough time for their personal passions and lives,” says Merivale’s Sam Egerton.

That combination of ‘hospo’ skill and knowledge gained beyond the bar is exactly what The Scholarship from The Blend is all about.

What’s more, you’ll take this journey with likeminded professionals, with an emphasis on camaraderie and community building, because it takes a village to drive the industry to new heights.

Egerton, whom has been part of The Blend program, well, pretty much from the start, hosting trade education seminars (The Blends of the World, and now the Virtual World) himself has invested a lot of energy in gaining new skills throughout the course of his career, which has seen him go from bartender to the top of one of this country’s most valuable hospitality groups. He also believes that more knowledge will lead to a better hospitality industry overall.

“I think that as our industry moves out of 2020, a lot of our industry has embraced alternate forms of learning, education and ultimately career opportunities – but offering new skills and knowledge to those within our industry we have a greater chance of improving our industry and retaining the talent within it,” says Egerton.

Ollie Margan, who has been with The Blend since 2015 shares his thoughts:

‘’I think the answer is in the question. Professional. Individuals who view hospitality as a trade like any other are already outweighing people attracted to the ‘lifestyle’ at the pointy end of the talent pool. The next 10 years will see a level of drive and intelligence in this industry like not seen before. How bloody cool.’’

Here’s how it works:

Registrations are now open.

Sign in or sign up to The Blend website to register your interest in accessing The Scholarship.

It’s free and simple to register with a few questions BUT you’ll want to hurry because registrations close on Sunday 30th May.

Once you’re in The Scholarship, from June onwards you’ll have access to live and immersive two-day events in your state, with masterclasses and sessions from mentors and experts. In September you’ll be invited to an exclusive Sydney Bar Week event for The Scholarship to network and share skills with likeminded professionals.

Here’s the important thing: spaces are limited, so act now if you want to level up and gain an edge.

APPLY NOW!  All you need to do is to tell us why you want to be a part of The Scholarship.


  • Registrations close Sunday 30th May 2021

  • Limited spaces available in your state

  • Open to all levels of HOSPITALITY professionals. (not just bartenders!)

  • Registrations open to all whom live in Regional and CBD areas

  • Commitment to learning or attendance to workshops, events and live seminars will be from June onwards.

“The global interconnectedness of bars, bartending and drinks has made this industry

fiercely competitive. Good concepts and ideas are rapidly emulated worldwide, and in order to keep your ‘edge,’ a diverse set of skills is necessary.’’ Ollie Margan shares on why signing up is a great idea!

Hope to see your name on the list!