BBO is back at Sydney Bar Week 2021! Sign up now!

Jono Carr in training for his bout back in 2019

Our friends at BBO, are super pumped to be returning to Sydney Bar Week 2021.

And they want you to know: “We’re back peeps!!!”

As we all know the mental toll of 2020 has been unprecedented, and the reality is that none of us escaped the past year unscathed.  “We’ve all had to face our own unique set of challenges, but together we will always prevail,” Raj Nagra, BBO Founder says. “Our industry’s health has never been more relevant or important than right now!”

“Five straight hours without a break. When you get one, it’s enough time to throw down some food before you’re back on the bar because its 5-deep,” says BBO Australia Director, Mark Tarrant. “During shift a few sneaky shots may help some of us to get through the craziness or when its quiet as, a topped-up mixing tin in the ice well maybe your preference to assist with the boredom.”

We all know how easy it is to finish a shift with more than a few. “End of shift and your lower back is aching from reaching over the speed rail, pouring drinks all night. You are physically tired and mentally exhausted,” says Tarrant. “A quick ‘staffie’ to wind down can easily turn into 6 beers or more and then you are drinking to the late hours and going to bed in the early hours of the morning. This happens until your days off, where guess what, you’re catching up with other bartenders!”

At Bartender Boxing, they’re super-duper psyched to finally be coming back to Sydney Bar Week in 2021 in partnership with Australian Bartender Magazine – the official media partner – and the kind support of the team at Grainshaker.

The stage is set! Applications are now open at:

“Given the recent uncertainty, we’ve been unable to extend to new cities this year, but we’re ‘one hundy’ percent committed to reaching all major cities over the next couple of years as things improve,” said Raj.

The event will continue to support raising awareness and funds for the Black Dog Institute to support mental health.

If you want to turn your life around, need a new life defining challenge, learn a new skill, make a new family, gain more confidence in the day-to-day, get into the best shape of your life, or just be better at life, well, then, you just need to apply. And then the journey will begin.

Spots on the team are limited, so don’t wait to apply:

For more info about events happening at Sydney Bar Week, visit now!