WA IDEA LAB winner launches his first session for ‘Good Causes’

If you needed a little reminder of a great thing that came out of 2020, it’s that Kaden Pool from WA was one of the lucky and talented grant winners of the IDEA LAB.

Kaden is now about to launch his very first session to give back to the community with that 5K Grant!

Good Causes is the IDEA that is born during a very weird time (thanks Covid) and has now very much taken ‘lift off’ and about to land with one giant step in Perth’s Hospitality scene.

The non-for-profit organisation is here to help provide professional and personal development opportunities and host workshops and training sessions to ignite their mind.

The first session “Healthy Mind & Healthy Bar” will be held on the 31st of May and will be hosting not one but FOUR speakers covering some very real and relevant topics:

Now, one could say that’s a ‘GOOD CAUSE’ to RSVP! (ba dum tsss!)

So, WA hospitality – What are YOU doing Monday 31st May?

Make sure you have a chair with your name on it, by RSVP HERE now.

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