Frankie’s Pizza to be demolished to make way for a new metro line

The Swillhouse team released a statement yesterday about the demolition of their rock ‘n’ roll dive bar and many time Bar Award recipient, Frankie’s Pizza by the Slice, in Sydney’s Hunter Street to make way for a metro line.

Here’s what they had to say:

What do we know?
Frankie’s Pizza will be demolished for the new Metro trainline. We will be able to continue trade, business as usual until at least mid-late 2022.

When did we find out?
On Wednesday, May 12, a letter was slipped beneath our door informing us that our building would be demolished.

How do we feel?
The first few days felt like a dream. Surreal. Now that’s passed we’ve pretty much fast tracked the phases of grief to get to the good stuff. No one wants a sad Frankie’s. We are taking this opportunity to raise the stakes yet again and really give the people what they want, while we can.

What’s next?
There’s been a lot to digest in a short amount of time so we’re doing our very best with that, and helping our staff through the process also. The long-term fate for Frankie’s as we know it is out of our control, but our legacy as one of the world’s great Rock bars is set in stone. The people are on our side, and we are taking this opportunity to give them our very best while we still can. Every resource and all of our energy will be poured into the ‘final campaign’, our last great statement, there are still memories to be made, the biggest year in our history starts now.

Frankie’s Pizza will not just continue to have the most comprehensive live music program in Sydney, we are taking it to a new level. We are adding more bands and more bills and quite literally programming fully fleshed out events for every single day of the year, right up til’ the fat lady sings. Expect consistent announcements with tonnes of events planned, collaborations, launches, and huge acts to host.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE, Happy Hour is about to get a whole lot happier; from THIS Monday, May 24, our world famous slices will be just $1 from 4-6, every single day of the week.

So get down to Frankie’s and show them some love. Follow them on FaceBook and @frankiespizzabytheslice