Meet Paula Tarrago from Corretto Dee Why

My first ever position in hospitality was as a waitress back in Brazil, in a super fast paced restaurant which required me to learn quick to keep up. Upon moving to Australia, I immediately pursued advancing my career in hospitality. I started off as a dishwasher, simply because that’s all I had access to with my minimal English skills. From here, I moved through a handful of roles; Barista, Bartending & Management. This was all while studying relevant diplomas in Hospitality.

After spending years in the industry, I have built up a great network of friends in Hospitality and an opportunity at Corretto was passed on to me through my coffee roaster at the time. Opportunities like this make me grateful for the connections I make along the way, as friends in the industry are always there to help each other out.

I drink all things gin; preferably in Negronis or with soda, tonic and an interesting garnish.

I actually love everything about hospitality. The whole show excites me every time. The challenge when the house is full, the personalities that surround us, the chitchats, the knowledge that is passed on… I love it!


COVID made me realise that you can’t take anything for granted. You have to basically fight for everything you really want. Unfortunately, Corretto had to shut their doors for lock down and I was stuck at home running out of money. I was lucky enough to have people who helped me out and organised some delivery work for me. Once again, the industry network proved to be a life saving resource.

“I would love to have a drink and chat with any badass woman, full of stories to tell. Not bad if it was a Rickstasy (a mix of vodka, Southern Comfort, banana liqueur and Baileys) with Amy Winehouse or a Pomegranate Martini with Madonna.”

The hours of hospo can be hard. I guess the fact that you are constantly out of sync with the majority of other people means that going to major events on weekends, etc. is challenging. However, this also pays off as it means that my free time is when everyone else is at work, which is especially great as I surf with less people in the water and don’t need to line up for drinks when I’m out.

I can’t wait to get back to International travel. It has been great in Australia as we can already travel domestically and the hospitality scene is thriving. As a result of this, I have just returned from a trip to Margaret River for wine and surf. I was amazed and relieved this trip was completely unhindered by Covid-19.

There are lots of bars I want to visit. Since I’m all about the experience, I’d go for Bab-al-shams in the middle of the desert in Dubai, Sky Bar in Bangkok, Sunland Pub (a bar inside a tree) in South Africa, Ice Bar in Canada… there are so many!

Other than that, I would love to be able to travel around Europe and the Americas to explore the whole hospitality scene. I love to experience the diversity and culture behind every venue.

I’m lucky enough to have Kurtis Bosley as my boss for almost 2 years and everyday inspiration. Every shift we have together is pure joy and full of knowledge sharing. I’m very grateful for every chat we have and the opportunity he gives me to grow more and more.

Also I cannot forget to mention my partner, Zak Britton, who is a high-energy bar manager, always willing to create new cocktails and share his great knowledge and passion for the industry around. We learn so much with each other!

In five year’s time I see myself based in Australia, hopefully running a business and also being able to travel anywhere, all the while exploring and experiencing what other places have to offer and teach me. I have big dreams and I will make them become my reality.

I would love to have a drink and chat with any badass woman, full of stories to tell. Not bad if it was a Rickstasy (a mix of vodka, Southern Comfort, banana liqueur and Baileys) with Amy Winehouse or a Pomegranate Martini with Madonna.


What’s Kraken?!
45ml Kraken
30ml Mac. by Brookie’s
30ml lemon juice
10ml agave syrup
Sprinkle of pink pitaya powder in a line across the drink.

The result is a delicious concoction featuring undertones of vanilla, 
cinnamon and nutmeg from the black rum, which tie in wonderfully 
with the butterscotch and darker wattleseed notes from the Mac. 
The drink then has a fun acidic spike from the lemon, 
which then allows the lighter notes from the macadamia to shine through. 
All the while, a wonderful texture is brought in from the aquafaba froth, 
and the Pitaya Powder which dissolves in your mouth as you move through the drink. 
Sums up what I’m all about – FUN.