Three Tequila Twists from Cantina OK!, Patrón & Harrison Kenney

Get some Patrón on board with these signature serves from Harrison Kenney

Photography by Christopher Pearce

In July, the folks at Patrón Tequila teamed up with Harrison Kenney and the experts at Cantina OK! to present some delicious tequila cocktails, to showcase the versatility of the core three Tequilas in creating the classics like Old Fashioneds, as well as other innovative creations. We’re all about Tequila and given that it was World Tequila Day last month, what better way to celebrate than by showcasing three drinks from one of the country’s leading slingers of the agave spirit. Also check out the Bar Awards finalists section at the back of the magazine, as Cantina OK! gets a number of nods in this year’s awards.

Recipe 1: OK! Fashioned

“This was the very first Old Fashioned we put on the menu at Cantina OK! It still gets asked for two years down the track, it’s a great mix of warm spices, easy to make and even easier to drink.”

Into a mixing glass/jug pour
40ml Patrón Anejo Tequila
10ml mezcal
10ml 5 spice syrup
5 drops pasilla chile
Stir and strain into an ice filled rocks glass, zest and garnish with a cheek of orange.

Recipe 2: Sagittarius OK!

“This drink started as an exploration of naturally occurring malic acid in its many forms, rhubarb, raspberry and Riesling all share the a similar tart and sour taste. Think Granny Smith apples! Named after a raspberry and rum smelling gas cloud in the centre of the Galaxy.”

Into a cocktail shaker pour
30ml Patrón Silver Tequila
30ml cold pressed rhubarb
10ml riesling
10ml vanilla syrup
15ml sour raspberry syrup
Shake with ice and strain into a coupe, garnish with several drops of vanilla extra virgin olive oil.

Recipe 3: Pineapple Margarita

“Designed to be fully accessible. Make sure the limes are fresh pressed and the pineapple is ripe! Paired with a Japanese 7 spice, It’s sweet, sour and spicy. Shake it hard and reward yourself with a sip of tropical enlightenment.”

Into a cocktail shaker pour
45ml Patrón Reposado Tequila
20ml super ripe pineapple
25ml fresh pressed lime
15ml agave syrup
Shake with ice and strain into a coupe half rimmed with shichimi.

Patrón Silver
COLOUR Crystal clear
AROMA Fruits & citrus
TASTE Smooth & sweet
FINISH Light pepper

Patrón Reposado
COLOUR Light amber tint.
AROMA . Oak wood & fresh agave.
TASTE Fresh agave & oak with notes of fruit, citrus & honey.
FINISH Light floral & vanilla

Patrón Anejo
COLOUR Warm amber
AROMA Oak wood, vanilla
& raisins
TASTE Oak wood with notes
of vanilla, raisin & honey
FINISH Caramel & smoky notes