Get on board and host your own Bar Awards Livestream Party!

With the Bar Awards going digital for 2021 we wanted to invite our finalists and venues from around Australia to make the most of this fantastic industry night of nights!

So, if you want to jump on board and host your own Bar Awards livestream event (COVID permitting of course) on Tuesday, 21 September, we think that’s a great idea.

Of course, the bonus of a livestream is that you can watch it from anywhere and it’s totally free to tune in; so there is no obligation to have a party or go to a party, it’s just an idea that we want to endorse.

From our end, we are going to promote a list of venues that plan to host such events on our socials, all we ask is a couple of things:

Bar Awards Live Streaming Plan

*If you are going to offer drinks etc, please reach out to our key sponsors who are listed here. They are also listed below so simply scroll down.

*If you feature our sponsors, you will be added to our “Livestream venues” list which we will promote heavily in the lead up to the livestream. Please note, it’s the sponsors that are making the Bar Awards possible so get behind them and reach out to your reps!

*Please get active on socials and encourage your attendees to do so using the hashtag #barawards2021. We will use these images, videos and comments throughout the night of the livestream.

*We will supply you with any logos etc you require for promotion, simply email

*Any photography/ socials etc from the night can be supplied to us in hi-res files so that we can do wrap ups in the Winners edition of the mag.

*You are in charge of invites/ attendance/ RSVPs etc. We will make sure the livestream is there, but the rest of the logistics are up to you

So have a chat to your other bar mates, other venues in town and see what you might want to do. You might decide one bar is best, or that many bars around the city host the livestream. Totally up to you. And once you’re all prepped and ready to go, email the details to

20th Annual Bartender Magazine Bar Awards Sponsors: