So Wrong It’s Right: Introducing Archie Rose x ST. ALi Blasphemy Coffee Whisky Spirit

For their latest collaboration, Sydney distillery Archie Rose has joined forces with Melbourne’s acclaimed ST. ALi coffee roasters to create a brand new coffee whisky spirit. Combining Archie Rose’s award-winning Single Malt Whisky with St ALi’s Orthodox and Wide Awake Coffee, Blasphemy plays on the idea of subverting two of the purest liquid obsessions—but the blend makes perfect sense.

Showcasing both Archie Rose’s unique six malt mash bill and the roasted notes from ST. ALi’s Orthdox and Wide Awake coffee, the mashup is rich, dry and still packs a punch at 40% ABV. To create the spirit, Archie Rose macerated St Ali’s coffee and used it to convert their cask strength Single Malt Whisky to bottling strength. The roasted coffee notes amplify the whisky’s chocolate and speciality roasted malts to deliver a collision of aromatic fruits, amaretto and dark chocolate, perfect for stirring into your next Boulevardier.

“This is a phenomenal pairing, perfectly accentuating the orchard fruit, chocolate and caramel notes found in the whisky and the coffee, – Archie Rose Master Distiller, Dave Withers.

With a deep passion for innovation, experimentation and high-quality raw ingredients, the blasphemous act of pairing coffee and whisky is a natural pairing for both brands, the result being a collision of aromatic fruits including stewed apples, plum jam and fresh berries combined with amaretto and dark chocolate.

“Blasphemy is the subversion of two liquid obsessions and although strict whisky and coffee purists might consider it an abuse of both liquids, it’s a pairing that when you taste it, and understand the production processes, actually makes perfect sense,” says Archie Rose founder, Will Edwards.

This spirit is a showcase of Archie Rose’s unique six malt mash bill whereby each malt is painstakingly milled, mashed, fermented, distilled and matured separately to ensure maximum intensity and that the clarity of flavour is extracted, which cannot be done via the traditional distillation process. Blasphemy also highlights how the roasted notes from ST. ALi coffee complement and amplify Archie Rose’s use of heavily roasted chocolate and other specialty roasted malts resulting in an even richer and more expressive flavour profile than the sum of its parts.

“I love whisky as much as I love coffee. The coming together of our products have created the unicorn, a delicious and rare pairing. Partnering with Archie Rose is a milestone moment for the ST. ALi family,“ says ST. ALi founder Salvatore Malatesta.

“This is a phenomenal pairing, perfectly accentuating the orchard fruit, chocolate and caramel notes found in the whisky and the coffee,” says Master Distiller, Dave Withers. “We used two ST. ALi coffee blends – Orthodox and Wide Awake – Orthodox does the heavy lifting on the coffee side of things while Wide Awake’s cold drip method provides the nuanced coffee elements to the final product.”

Drink it neat or in a Boulevardier.

Blasphemy is available now.  Visit or