Skills Pay Bills with Monkey Shoulder

Ready to level-up your bartending skills from the comfort of your couch?

Monkey Shoulder is set to make a splash next week, launching a fully virtual program that aims to teach bartenders the “Skills that Pay the Bills”. Level-up your speech, presentation, and communication skills via this free event, all from the comfort of your home. Whether you find cocktail comps intimidating and nerve-wracking, or sometimes are unsure how to respond to those tricky ‘on the spot’ questions from patrons, Monkey Shoulder has got you covered.

The whisky that is ‘Made for Mixing’ has focused their 2021 bartender program on supporting bartenders in their journey to reach the top of their game. Communication and clear presentation are at the very heart of everything we as bartenders do. This is the very essence of where good hospitality begins and ensuring your guests have an enjoyable experience, one they would return to again and again.  And let’s not forget that presenting is an integral part of cocktail competitions, too.

Skills Pay Bills brings you a series of online videos featuring a team of experienced theatre and acting professionals to support you in “learning how to present with ‘pizazz’ and mix drinks with the gift of the gab”. Along with the five part series, you will also have access to an exclusive online Monkey Shoulder bartender community group, where you can learn from and engage with other like-minded bartenders. There’ll also be chances to win exciting Monkey Shoulder prizes along the way.

So, are you ready to level-up your skills? Register to claim your spot at

For more information reach out to your William Grant & Sons rep.