Mixing with Jägermeister: We delved into our archives and found three smashing Jäger cocktails

Freeze it, pour it, shake it, stir it – from bringing the heat to kicking it cool, possibilities with Jägermeister are limitless. But while you can easily dial up the sophistication, the king of serves is and will remain the plain, but oh-so-perfect ice cold shot.

Moves Like Jäger
20ml Jägermeister
40ml akvavit
20ml lemon juice
15ml strawberry gastrique
10ml falernum
clapped mint
Add all the ingredients to a Hollywood Highball.
Add crushed ice. Swizzle.
Garnish with mint sprig and dehydrated strawberry slice.
Recipe by Alex Nikolovski
30ml Herradura Blanco Tequila 
(it was the only easily available 100% agave tequila we could get at the time!)
15ml Jagermeister
15ml Yellow Chartreuse
Dash vanilla syrup
whole egg
Dry shake, shake with ice and
fine strain into a coupe.
Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg
“The ratios haven’t really changed over time,
but most people use regular gomme in lieu of vanilla now.
I find it lets the base spirits shine a 
bit more and is obviously easier to source
(but the splash of vanilla is pretty damn delicious imho.”
Recipe by Chris Hysted-Adams
30ml Jägermeister
30ml aquavit
20ml creme de menthe
10ml Cynar
7 coffee beans
Measure out all of the ingredients
into an ice cold mixing glass.
Fill mixing glass to the top with ice.
Stir down to the proper dilution.
Strain and pour over a large hand carved ice block.
Recipe by Zack Morgan

The Bartender’s Choice: Jägermeister
Jagermeister is a blend of 56 natural botanicals; these botanicals are made into four distinct macerations, and aged for up to a year in oak.

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