Free BBO FIT kicks off today at 10am AEST live on Insta!

BBO FIT – BBO has stepped up to the ring to give back to our industry with help from our supporting partners. 

Launching Monday 13th September at 10am

BBO FIT is a 6 week program which screens live on IGTV at 10am Monday, Wednesdays & Fridays. BBO FIT is a free tool for all hospitality staff worldwide. Our aim is to help bartenders and other industry legends to keep fit during lock down with three weekly 45-minute classes which can be completed from the comfort of their homes.  The classes have been designed to teach people the fundamentals of boxing whilst getting a sweat on in their lounge. During these tough times BBO supports the hospitality industry and people in lock down who maybe struggling with mental health challenges.

Watch live on @bartenderboxing