Welcome To Speyside: Benriach’s creative past inspires new portfolio of single malts


Welcome To Speyside: Benriach’s creative past inspires new portfolio of single malts

The Benriach Distillery, located in north Speyside, is launching this November a distinctive flavour-forward portfolio of Single Malts and a new look inspired by the distillery’s creative heritage. Known for its long-standing tradition of distilling classic, peated and triple distilled whisky and a vast eclectic cask inventory sourced from around the world, the portfolio has been artistically crafted by Master Blender Dr. Rachel Barrie and her team. Displaying the diversity and versatility of Benriach’s orchard fruit-laden style, this new range spans the full spectrum of whisky flavour.

The new range to Australia incorporates the flagship Original Ten, a clever three cask matured recipe of bourbon, sherry and virgin oak, highlighting the orchard fruit signature style that is Benriach.To compliment there is The Smoky Ten, a peated expression using again three casks but making use of Jamaican rum barrels this time, as well as bourbon and virgin oak. The Twelve is a sherry cask dominant expression, as has always been the case with whiskies of this age statement at Benriach, which also marries bourbon and port cask. Rounding out the core range from early calendar year will be The Smoky Twelve, which masterfully marries bourbon, sherry and marsala casks in an elegant peated expression which will excite any whisky fan, or indeed newcomers to the spirit.

Enjoy the best of these two new 10yo expressions in a variation on the modern classic the Penicillin cocktail, created by Australian bartender Sam Ross in the early 2000s, a drink he came up with shortly after arriving in New York and plying his trade at the famed Milk & Honey.

Penicillin Cocktail
45ml Benriach Original Ten
15ml Benriach Smoky Ten
20ml fresh lemon juice
20ml honey & ginger syrup
Build all ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker, 
shake/ strain into an ice-fill tumbler.
Garnish with lemon zest and candied ginger.

Or simply highlight the fruit forward style of The Original Ten in a classic Highball recipe.

30ml Benriach Original Ten
120ml chilled soda water
Build whisky & soda in a chilled highball glass, add plenty of ice, stir well.
Add a zest of lemon.

Tasting Notes:

The Original Ten
Aroma – green apple, lemon peel, honey and vanilla
Taste – toasted oak, apple, apricot and peach

The Smoky Ten
Aroma – sweet smoke from the campfire, apple, molasses and roasted malt
Taste – smoked plum, marzipan, black pepper and dark chocolate

The Twelve
Aroma – fig, pear, cherry, caramel and light spice
Taste – baked pineapple, honey, candied grape, chocolate and nutmeg

The Smoky Twelve
Aroma – light wood smoke, caramelized pear, cherry and honey
Taste – smooth and creamy, baked apple, roasted almond and brown spices

The Original Ten, Smoky Ten and The Twelve are all available now, with The Smoky Twelve releasing in the new year. Please contact your Brown-Forman representative about stocking Benriach in your bar.