Bombay Sapphire stirs creativity: Three bespoke cocktail garnishes for your sours this summer

Georgie Mann showcases the Bombay Sapphire bespoke cocktail garnishes

As the industry begins to return and we start celebrating the new normal, Bombay Sapphire has been busy working on a special reason for drinkers to get back to the bar and support the creative community.

Launching as part of Bombay Sapphire’s ‘Stir Creativity’ campaign which first started in 2018 to unlock people’s creative potential of using the arts for self-expression, the brand commissioned Australian visual artist, Ellen Porteus to use cocktails as a canvas and create bespoke cocktail garnishes, inspired by Bombay Sapphire, Bombay Bramble and Bombay Sunset.

“We really wanted to create something to engage people when they come into the venues and feel like they’re getting something bespoke to Bombay Sapphire. We feel like these designs really do encompass the specific range of flavours in each of Bombay Sapphire’s beautifully smooth gins.” – Georgie Mann, Bacardi Brand Ambassador.

Artist Ellen Porteus

Bombay Sapphire chose Porteus to work with as her vibrant, bold and colourful designs align closely with the creativity of the brand. Porteus’ artworks visually bring Bombay Sapphire’s gins to life, painting an exciting picture of beautiful flavours packed within each bottle.

“Creativity is at the core of everything we do at Bombay Sapphire, so working with internationally renowned visual artist, Ellen Porteus on these designs, was an inspiring collaboration for the brand. Ellen has created some amazing designs for huge brands including Nike, Disney and Apple so this is an exciting partnership.

“We really wanted to create something to engage people when they come into the venues and feel like they’re getting something bespoke to Bombay Sapphire. We feel like these designs really do encompass the specific range of flavours in each of Bombay Sapphire’s beautifully smooth gins,” said Georgie Mann, Bacardi Brand Ambassador.

During the pandemic, the arts and hospitality industries and those who work within them faced intense hardships, so to support and give back, Bombay Sapphire will be donating $1 per cocktail sold over the summer to two charities within each industry. The chosen charities are hospitality enterprise, TipJar, and the Arts Project Australia. With both industries needing community support, Bombay Sapphire encourages Australians to head down to their local bars and visit their favourite bartenders this summer in a way of giving back.

Partnering with a hospitality charity was crucial. TipJar is a social movement supporting the next generation in hospitality that focus on upskilling, training and mentoring the future crew of the industry. Something Bombay Sapphire and Bacardi-Martini are very passionate about.

This is just one of a number of initiatives that family-owned spirit company Bacardi-Martini has created to support the hospitality industry, with others including Back to the Bar and #raiseyourspirits, which provided staff and venues with ongoing support during the COVID-19 crisis.

The three limited edition artworks have been designed by Porteus and are her interpretation of each of Bombay Sapphire’s gins, these limited edition designs are being stocked across 60 different venues across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane during summer 2021 /2022. Point of sale and digital assets have also been created to help build awareness of the project.

We asked Bacardi-Martini Australia Brand Ambassador, Georgie Mann to tell us more about why this collaboration was the perfect drink to order this summer.

Why has the cocktail become the perfect canvas for art?
“Creating cocktails is an art within itself, so collaborating with visual artist, Ellen Porteus on these bespoke cocktail garnishes connects to Bombay Sapphire’s core, as there is finesse and craftsmanship in everything we do.
“We have 3 SKUs in Australia from the Bombay Sapphire distillery all with distinct flavour profiles which was an inspiration for the designs Ellen came up with. I love that for Ellen, this was a brand new concept too! She’s had a wonderful career and it’s pretty cool that this project is a part of it.”

Bombay Sapphire launched the ‘Stir Creativity’ campaign in 2018, why was this
created? And what does it do for the industry?
“‘Stir Creativity’ aims to inspire trade and consumers ?to unlock and pursue their creative potential.?Globally we’ve run programs like The World’s Most Imaginative Bartender competition and locally we’ve hosted The Glasshouse Project, which brought together?the bartenders,?in a series of creative workshops designed to push the boundaries of cocktail creativity. Just recently we’ve awarded 10 bartenders with a 12-month subscription to so they can pursue their passions. Creativity isn’t just about art or cocktails though, so stay tuned for our exciting programs that will be pushing more creativity in 2022.
“As a brand, Bombay Sapphire’s ethos has always been to open creativity to everyone, to inspire brilliance through individual flare, and seeing this exquisite partnership between the arts, continues that creative narrative – together we stir creativity.”

Tell us why you’ve chosen a sour as the cocktail for this project?
“The sour is a classic that showcases the base spirit and because all Bombay Sapphire products are 100% vapour infused, they’re bright and vibrant and mix perfectly in citrusy cocktails. We looked at other cocktails but wanted something that would hero across each of the three gins, Bombay Sapphire, Bombay Bramble and Bombay Sunset.
“Personally, I’m a huge fan of the sour so I’ll be making many visits to participating venues this summer. I can’t wait to see the reaction these have in trade and with customers. The designs are so eye-catching! The fact that they dissolve into the drink is fun and creative. I think it’ll be the cocktail of the summer!”

Find your local venue below for the 
full ‘Cocktail Canvas’ experience:

At Baker Street 
Crystalbrook Newcastle 
North Bar 
Pelicans @ Beachcomber
Piazza Mercato 
Pocket Bar Terrigal 
Saints Bar 
Southern Cross Hotel 
Stitch Bar 
The Boatshed
Bar Pigalle 
Beneath Driver Lane 
Cru Wine Bar 
Life’s Too Short Bar 
Mongkok Tea House 
Montrose Social
Prohibition Food & Wine 
Purple Emerald 
Rice Paper Scissors 
Smitten Kitten 
Sparrows Cocktail Bar 
The Covenant Wine Bar 
The Kyn Torquay 
Boom Boom Room
Cambus Wallace
Chameleon Lounge 
Circa Rooftop 
Covent Garden 
El Capitano 
Fiction Bar
Full Moon Hotel 
Hogan’s Wellington Point 
Las Palmas 
Miami Marketta 
Mr P.P’s Deli and Rooftop
Pistacchi Italian Restaurant and Cocktail Bar 
The Fox
Bibliotheca Bar & Book Exchange
Fumo Blu 
La Taberna 
Remy’s Deep Dish
Stirling Hotel 
Terra & Sol
The Bridge
Snapper Rocks

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