Crank up that slushy machine! Here are two frozen cocktail recipes to get you through the last few weeks of summer

To learn more about the tricks of perfecting frozen drinks with a bit of science-ing and forethought, check out Cara Devine’s recent article by clicking here.

Here are a couple of tried and tested recipes (from Chris Hysted-Adams from Moon Dog World in Melbourne & Cara Devine herself who is a writer and manager at Bomba in Melbourne) to chuck in your slushy machine or blender and get your guests through the last few weeks of summer.

Shakey Pete
(for slushy machine)
1100ml Never Never Triple Juniper Gin
1700ml ginger syrup*
1100ml fresh lemon juice
6000ml Moon Dog Old Mate Pale Ale
1700ml water
Adapted from a drink created in 2012 by Pete Jeary (aka Shakey Pete)
at Hawksmoor in London.
The OG cocktail used London Pride as the beer.
Don’t batch too much of this as it doesn’t have a 
long shelf life when not in the slushy machine.
Preparing enough for a service is for the best.
*To make ginger syrup: take 1L fresh ginger juice and 1kg sugar. 
Stir until sugar has dissolved, bottle, refrigerate.
Chris Hysted-Adams, Moon Dog World, Melbourne
Strawberry Daiquiri
60ml (2oz) full bodied & fruity rum
(Cara uses Plantation 3 Star)
30ml (1oz) sugar syrup
30ml (1oz) lime juice
4 – 5 frozen strawberries
1 cup crushed or small cubed ice
Strawberry fan to garnish
You will need:
A jigger
A blender
A thick walled, frozen glass
A wide straw
Have all of your ingredients chilled and
add them to the blender, working as quickly as possible.
Add your ice and blend, starting slowly then going to full speed.
Don’t whizz for too long as you don’t want your drink
starting to heat up from the friction.
Pour into your frozen glass,
garnish with sliced strawberries and enjoy!
Cara Devine, Bomba, Melbourne