1 WEEK TO GO! Have you Registered for World Bartender Day Celebrations?

The Blend invites you to say ‘CHEERS to us’ at the bar or online – REGISTER HERE!

Depending on which state you’re in – this coming Sunday or Monday, The Blend are collaborating with Jim Beam to host some refreshing drinks and giveaways in the welcoming arms of their Brand Ambassadors.

The team (Josh, Erica, Tom & Brendan), will be hosting Jim Beam Bourbon & Sodas to say ‘CHEERS’ to you, the bartenders, as The Blend celebrates the hard work, drive and skills it takes to work behind the bar.

Sunday 20th Feb:

SYDNEY, About Time, (2-5pm) with Josh Davies

Monday 21st Feb:

ADELAIDE, Hains & Co – (4-7pm) with Erica Richards

MELBOURNE – BearBrass – (4-7pm) with Tom Scott

PERTH – Mechanics Institute – (4-7pm) with Brendan Gray

If you can’t make it down to say ‘CHEERS’ at the bar, it’s ok you can still partake in the fun!

You can join in the global movement as Australia connect and collaborate online* on the actual day (Thursday 24th Feb, via Zoom) at 2pm, with some VIPs showcasing their ‘CHEERS’ beforehand.

Come prepared for some interactive fun and the chance to WIN exclusive prizes!

You will have the chance to not only be part of a World Record attempt**, but unveil your personal ‘CHEERS’ and present your best looking Jim Beam Bourbon & Soda into camera; as well crown a character for best dressed Jim Beam (yes, that is a cue to grab ALL the merch you have stashed)!


You’re Always Welcome… to attend both!


For more information, please email the friendly team at The Blend on


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* T&C’s if you’ve registered and received a Jim Beam Welcome Pack you’ve committed to cheers online. Don’t be that person and be a no- show.

**when stating ‘breaking the record for the World’s Biggest Cheers’, they’re not actually applying for any official World Records, they’d rather spend the funds on YOU!!