Bartender Boxing returns to Sydney Bar Week & regos are now open!

? After 2-years of start/stop in programming, Bartender Boxing is back!
? Now recruiting for Sydney Bar Week 2022
? Applications close June 6th.
? Visit to apply to the Sydney program.

Bartender Boxing is back! And we are pumped.

After its Australian debut in 2019 and two years of false starts, applications are now open to Sydney bartenders to put their training gloves on and compete to enter the ring during Sydney Bar Week on Sunday, 4th September from 8pm till late.

Federica Thorn and Rachael Merritt train for their 2019 bout. Photo: Christopher Pearce
For those who sign up, there will be some three-odd months of regular training, diet plans, and a whole load of ducking, weaving, stepping and sparring. Then, a selection of Sydney bartenders will take to the ring and slug it out for charity.
? Visit to apply to the Sydney program.
Jono Carr at peak fitness for his 2019 bout against Daniel Hilton

Sydney Bar Week 2022

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